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Mergers & Acquisitions

Target Seller State Industry Type Announce Date Status Deal Value($ M) Target Total Assets ($ 000)
Bankmanagers Corp. WI Bank 8/28/2019 Completed On 3/9/2020 186.26 947,534
Bridgeview Bancorp, Inc. IL Bank 12/6/2018 Completed On 5/9/2019 136.23 1,259,879
Northern States Financial Corporation IL Bank 6/7/2018 Completed On 10/12/2018 84.30 487,091
Standard Bancshares, Inc. IL Bank 6/28/2016 Completed On 1/6/2017 580.35 2,454,995
NI Bancshares Corporation IL Bank 11/12/2015 Completed On 3/8/2016 70.91 678,687
Peoples Bancorp, Inc. IL Bank 9/21/2015 Completed On 12/3/2015 16.83 108,338
Great Lakes Financial Resources, Inc. IL Bank 7/8/2014 Completed On 12/2/2014 57.70 583,947
Bank Calumet, Inc. IN Bank 12/12/2005 Completed On 3/31/2006 307.00 1,138,766
CoVest Bancshares, Inc. IL Bank 9/11/2003 Completed On 12/31/2003 102.46 624,238
Heritage Financial Services, Inc. IL Bank 1/15/1998 Completed On 7/1/1998 423.40 1,284,703
SparBank Incorporated IL Bank 6/20/1997 Completed On 10/2/1997 121.90 455,762
CF Bancorp, Inc. IA Thrift 5/31/1995 Completed On 12/20/1995 41.10 226,037
Plainfield National Bank IL Bank 2/27/1990 Completed On 7/20/1990 15.50 72,587

Target Buyer Industry Type Announce Date Status Number of Branches All Branch States Total Deposits Transferred($ 000)
2 Branches
First Ottawa Bancshares, Inc.
Bank 7/18/2003 Completed On 11/14/2003 2 IL 70,000